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I am grateful for the opportunity to assist people in getting to a greater space of wellness and joy through my Healing Resonance, Perspective Reboot® mind-body-spirit-emotions sessions, and energy-in-form fractal art. We are not merely our bodies ... we are an ever-changing composite of physicality, emotions, spirituality, and energy/frequency/vibration. These aspects of self are so tied together in somewhat of a "chicken and egg" (which came first) scenario that the mind-body-spirit approach to healing makes so much sense.

In each client testimonial I have provided a bit of background info [written in brackets]. Many major transformations reflect a shedding of an old, painful story/frequency/density. This is why I love to say "release what no longer serves you." The time & energy is right for incredible shifts. We are each here to contribute our pure essence of light and love; that is so much easier to do when we are centered, balanced, and connected within our Selves! Much love, Kristi

Friday, March 22, 2024

She is the one to help you get to the reason ....*

woman holds eye due to pain. Healing Resonance llc logo with testimonial byte says:I felt a shift in my head and all the pain was gone ...

[On 12/30 I received a message from Sandy "I have been out of wack since Nov 5. I cannot see from right eye, it is bloody red. watering, and very very painful (feels like stabbing in eye)." I knew reaching out for help was huge for her and I could help her. I offered to work remotely on her concerns for a few minutes to see if I could ease the pain. The next day she shared great short-term results. The pain had returned, so I knew that there were shifts she needed to make within her own psyche in order to hold the healing. We worked through text session (this is a service I offer through my site called "Live Chat"), diving into the emotional and self-worth underpinnings of her pain eruptions. Most often pain is our body's way of acknowledging, indicating, crying that we need to release what no longer (and perhaps never) serves our Highest Good. There has never been a better time to heal mind, body, spirit, emotions!]

"Wonderful session with Kristi...

I had a sinus infection which affected one eye. The pain was severe, as though little pieces of glass were sticking in it. It was also running water water like an open faucet. 

This had been going on for almost two months. I had worked with Kristi before, and emailed asking her to send healing energy to me. She quickly responded and said she would that afternoon. 

At some point in early evening I felt a shift in my head: ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE, sinuses dried, eye stopped running like an open faucet, and I could see with my right eye ... I was thrilled I had my life back! 

Next day, pain was back although other symptoms were not as bad. I reached back to Kristi. She explained that underlying stuck emotions can be asking for love ... she likened it to a toddler having a temper tantrum. Yup!

She fit me in so we could do a text session. While I hadn't been aware of her "working on me" the prior day, this was more intense. Kristi "accessed" information from my subconscious in an attempt to get to the root cause of the issues I was having at the time. She helped shift some of that energy and gave me insights and affirmations I could use to help in healing.

It is my recommendation to all to work with Kristi if you are having any ongoing issues in your life. She is the one to help you get to the reasons for your pain!"

Sandy W
New Hampshire


Release what no longer serves you and our world xo

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