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I am grateful for the opportunity to assist people in getting to a greater space of wellness and joy through my Healing Resonance, Perspective Reboot® mind-body-spirit-emotions sessions, and energy-in-form fractal art. We are not merely our bodies ... we are an ever-changing composite of physicality, emotions, spirituality, and energy/frequency/vibration. These aspects of self are so tied together in somewhat of a "chicken and egg" (which came first) scenario that the mind-body-spirit approach to healing makes so much sense.

In each client testimonial I have provided a bit of background info [written in brackets]. Many major transformations reflect a shedding of an old, painful story/frequency/density. This is why I love to say "release what no longer serves you." The time & energy is right for incredible shifts. We are each here to contribute our pure essence of light and love; that is so much easier to do when we are centered, balanced, and connected within our Selves! Much love, Kristi

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thank You Earth Angel*

[Distance session ~ Marie heard my interview "Healing Beyond Space and Time" on Starseed Radio Academy and knew I was her One to help. She had recurrent and stubborn oral infections at the site of a root canal. Prior to our session, I checked with her to ensure she was getting licensed dental care and supplementing her body's natural healing with appropriate medicines. Even with these treatments, she wasn't getting better; during her session, we addressed the energetic and non-physical aspects of the wound.]

It’s been a month since our session and the block you helped remove really opened me up to new possibilities! I didn’t realize ... my energy was floating above my body; no wonder I wasn’t healing! 

I feel centered, safe and grounded. Thank you for getting the ball rolling in our session. I know you took extra time in our session; and I really appreciate it!

Thank you Earth Angel!

Peace and Love,
(Houston, Texas)

release that which no longer serves you ...

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