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I am grateful for the opportunity to assist people in getting to a greater space of wellness and joy through my Healing Resonance, Perspective Reboot® mind-body-spirit-emotions sessions, and energy-in-form fractal art. We are not merely our bodies ... we are an ever-changing composite of physicality, emotions, spirituality, and energy/frequency/vibration. These aspects of self are so tied together in somewhat of a "chicken and egg" (which came first) scenario that the mind-body-spirit approach to healing makes so much sense.

In each client testimonial I have provided a bit of background info [written in brackets]. Many major transformations reflect a shedding of an old, painful story/frequency/density. This is why I love to say "release what no longer serves you." The time & energy is right for incredible shifts. We are each here to contribute our pure essence of light and love; that is so much easier to do when we are centered, balanced, and connected within our Selves! Much love, Kristi

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

You Did What 36 Years of Will Power Could Not Do!*

[In person session for connection to inner gifts. A psychic reader had told Dave he needed to step into his gift and be a "healer". During session I shared how important it is to release all negativity from our bodies ... both for our physical health and to be a better channel for love. During this process, Dave shared that he had never forgiven a serious girlfriend for their long-ago breakup. We worked on understanding, compassion and forgiveness to clear this lower vibration and looping sub-program. 

Near the end of the session, the message came through for Dave that he is already connected to his gifts ... "kindness & laughter". I saw that these are gifts he shares in the workplace; gifts which make that a better space for himself, his co-workers and clients. This lifted a huge weight from Dave, as he now realized he didn't have to become someone else he had no clue how to be. 

There are many different forms of healing and being of service in our world <3 Be yourself <3] 

Hi Kristi,

I’ve been meaning to email you for quite a while now! Do you recall that I still harbored some ill feelings towards a former person in my life? Well, guess what! All those feelings are gone!

When that person pops into my mind, my feelings are NEUTRAL!! No hard feelings, no regrets, just neutrality.

You did what 36 years of will power could not do! God bless you!!

Dave L
New Hampshire

release that which no longer serves you ...

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